You think dogs and cats aren’t members of the punk rock family?


You’re way off, pal.

These punk dogs and cats are hardcore, intense, and you can catch them in a circle pit at local shows with their fellow PUNX.

Let’s take a look at these rabble-rousers…

1. Don’t mess with this one.

2. See you in the pit.

3. He’s seen it all.

4. Double trouble.

5. Love the mohawk.

6. Look at this crew.

7. A punk fashion plate.

8. This is a good one.

9. A real bad girl.

10. Studs and leather.

11. Great taste!

Those pics are awesome!

How about your pooch or kitty?

Even if they’re not a true punk, please share a photo of them in the comments so we can meet them.

All dogs are welcome!