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Apparently, Priscilla Presley and former Jacka** star Bam Margera recently spent time together with Presley and her 35-year-old son, Navarone Garibaldi Garcia. Presley said that Margera came over to her house, talked about his personal struggles, and asked for a photo with her for his father, who is a big fan.

But it seems like things went off the rails shortly thereafter…


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After their time spent together, Priscilla Presley put out a statement that said, “When I was asked by my son to have a ‘new friend’ come over for a visit, I had no idea who he was or that later he would choose to post photos and false stories.”

Presley also said that Margera betrayed her and her son by filming inside the house without permission and putting out photos “accompanied by false information and storytelling.”

Margera claimed that Priscilla gave him things that belonged to Elvis, to which Priscilla replied, “At no time during the visit did I give him anything of Elvis’. I still have everything he ever touched. I would never disrespect Elvis who was the love of my life by giving away anything that belonged to him. I have always protected them for the fans.”

She added that she wants no further communication with Margera and that he is “a dishonest and unstable individual”.


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Margera replied with a post on Instagram where he apologized to Presley and her son and said he was embarrassed by his behavior.

You can read his full post below.


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