Photographer Uses Photoshop to Let Dogs “Travel” Around the World in Style

(C)Facebook,Bella-Reed Photography


Like a lot of people right now, a photographer named Melissa can’t book any photo sessions because of the current health crisis that we find ourselves in.

So what did she decide to do? I’ll tell you what…

Melissa is utilizing her Photoshop skills to send her dogs (and some other pooches) on awesome adventures all over the world!

Hey, dogs get bored and have some wanderlust in them just like humans!

Melissa also founded the Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue in Pennsylvania, which does really great work, so check them out.

1. The scene of the crime.

How are you gonna explain this one?

2. All aboard the Hogwart’s Express.

Are you ready for your journey?

3. Looks pretty cold up there at the North Pole.

I hope you brought your booties.

4. A visit to the Magic Kingdom.

Did you get to meet Mickey?!?!

5. Off to Cambodia we go!

Time to explore some ruins.

6. Hang on for dear life!

These doggies sure are thrill-seekers.

7. Be careful up there.

Hanging out with the workers high above the street.

8. Our neighbors to the north.

A quick jaunt to Canada.

9. Lookin’ good in South Africa!

Taking in the scenery…

10. Exploring the ruins.

This dog is clearly enjoying Greece.

11. Times Square, NYC.

The streets are pretty empty…for now…

12. Nova Scotia for the win!

Looks absolutely beautiful!

13. A trip to Ireland.

This pup clearly has the luck of the Irish.

Those dogs are really making their way around the world in style!

I have to say, I can’t wait to hit the open road soon…or just leave my house for a little while…

Now we want to see some photos of the dogs you have at home!

In the comments, please share some pics and introduce us to them!