You know what you have to do when your pet gets out of line, right?

You scold them and then you take a photo of them describing what they did wrong and you TELL THE WHOLE WORLD.

Because they need to publicly shamed, you know…

Does it work?

Probably not, but at least it’s good for a bunch of laughs!

Let’s meet these pets that seem to delight in driving their humans up the wall.

Hang on tight!

1. What movie was it?

Also, you owe them for that remote.

2. Dammit, Nico!

He’s at it again!

3. Oh, no…this is not good.

Not good at all…

4. Ate all the cheesecake.

You’re grounded!

5. Damn. There’s a lot going on here.

They seem okay with it, though.

6. That wasn’t yours to destroy!

Bad doggy! Bad!

7. This guy just looks like trouble.

Don’t you think?

8. This dog is a bad apple.

Totally knew what they were getting into…

9. The horror!

This is actually totally disgusting.

10. What the hell did you do?!?!

Now you have to sleep outside.

11. What’s up with that.

That was a HUGE mistake.

12. Working in tandem.

These two are definitely in on it together.

I hope they learned their lessons…but I have a feeling that they probably didn’t…

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, please share funny pics and stories about your beloved pets that are UP TO NO GOOD. We want to hear it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We can’t wait to meet them!