A perfect food pic really does something to our brains. Even if we don’t think we’re hungry, we see photos like these and immediately become famished.

I don’t know about you, but I wanted to eat for hours after I saw these pictures. Because they are just PERFECT.

Let’s take a look.

1. OMFG!

This PB&J sandwich
byu/Keyan2 inoddlysatisfying

2. The arrangement is flawless.

My friends cookie jar.
byu/nurse_with_penis inoddlysatisfying

3. I’d love to dig into that.


4. Is that a painting?

This scoop of peanut butter.
byu/khaotickk inoddlysatisfying

5. Spices for days.

These piles of spice at a market in Marrakesh
by inoddlysatisfying

6. Too cool to eat.

My ice cream looks just like the promotional pictures of ice cream.
byu/son_made_my_account inmildlyinteresting

7. Nobody better ruin this…

I can’t stop looking at it
byu/LadySovereign inoddlysatisfying

8. A work of art.


9. Totally blown away.

[Homemade] Grandmas delicious 21 layer jello.
byu/ThUltimateGuy infood

10. That is beautiful.

11. Never tried these before. Have you?

Rice cooker pancakes
byu/mike_pants inoddlysatisfying

12. Gobble ’em all up…after you admire them.

Wife making holiday treats
byu/MrLarryBowman inoddlysatisfying

Okay, now I’m starving…

How about you? Could you go for a bite?

Before you do that, please share some more perfect food pictures in the comments!