A perfect food pic really does something to our brains. Even if we don’t think we’re hungry, we see photos like these and immediately become famished.

I don’t know about you, but I wanted to eat for hours after I saw these pictures. Because they are just PERFECT.

Let’s take a look.

1. OMFG!

This PB&J sandwich from oddlysatisfying

2. The arrangement is flawless.

My friends cookie jar. from oddlysatisfying

3. I’d love to dig into that.

4. Is that a painting?

This scoop of peanut butter. from oddlysatisfying

5. Spices for days.

These piles of spice at a market in Marrakesh from oddlysatisfying

6. Too cool to eat.

My ice cream looks just like the promotional pictures of ice cream. from mildlyinteresting

7. Nobody better ruin this…

I can’t stop looking at it from oddlysatisfying

8. A work of art.

9. Totally blown away.

[Homemade] Grandmas delicious 21 layer jello. from food

10. That is beautiful.

11. Never tried these before. Have you?

Rice cooker pancakes from oddlysatisfying

12. Gobble ’em all up…after you admire them.

Wife making holiday treats from oddlysatisfying

Okay, now I’m starving…

How about you? Could you go for a bite?

Before you do that, please share some more perfect food pictures in the comments!