Those Face Swap apps sure are a lot of fun, huh?

Except for when you try it with little babies…that’s when things get a little dicey. Actually, they get downright TERRIFYING.

Are you ready to be creeped out? You may proceed…

1. Nightmare fuel.

2. Oh my…

3. Very disturbing.

4. Yowza…uh uh.

5. This one is very impressive.


7. Love the nose ring.

8. The “baby” doesn’t look happy.

9. Absolutely creepy.

10. Baby stubble.

11. Don’t look at this one for too long.

12. Okay, I’ve had enough…

My eyessssss!!!!!

Yikes. That is scary stuff. I know some of you out there have tried this with your kiddos.

Well, what are you waiting for? Share those pics with us in the comments, please!