Remember when tattoos were pretty much only seen on Navy veterans, bikers, ex-convicts, and rock stars?

Yeah, those days are long gone.

Now, you’re as likely to see some ink on suburban moms and dads as you are on a guy flying down the street on a Harley. And that also means that there are a lot more BAD tattoos out there, since everyone seems to have one these days…

And we’re about to see just how bad they are!

Let’s see how folks responded to this challenge on Twitter.

1. What am I looking at here?

Very disturbing…

2. Ugh! No!

This is awful.

3. You realize that’s permanent, right?

Ouch…sorry about that.

4. I believe that is Steve Harvey.

Why would someone do this?

5. This is EPIC.

Nice work, sir!

6. Too bad for him.

He’ll never live that down…

7. I think this guy might be obsessed.


8. Very interesting…

Not so sure what to say about this…

9. A classy tribute.

To a classy woman.

10. Ugh. Awful.

If you don’t know who this is, look it up.

11. The description says it all.

And it doesn’t sound good.

12. Still haunted by it.

Wow…a brave choice.

How about you?

Have you seen any really bad tattoos out there that made you shake your head?

Or maybe you even have a terrible tattoo yourself?

If so, please share some photos with us in the comments so we can all cringe together. Thanks a lot!