Oh, boy, this is gonna be fun!

I love stories about dates that go totally sideways…as long as they’re not happening to me, of course.

Is that selfish of me? Ahhhh, who cares! I want to laugh, gosh darnit!

So what do you say we dig into some dating horror stories from folks on Twitter? Does that sound good to you?

Let’s get it started!

1. Not into utensils.

I respect that!

2. Just like my sister.

That’s not good.

3. What a night!

I’m surprised this didn’t work out.

4. Oh, no!

Poor guy…now the whole world knows.


This is really something.

6. Butter Boy.

He was a real catch.

7. Well at least you had a good night.

Still very strange, though…

8. Oh…a blind date…

Now I get it…

9. Are you a dentist?

Keep your hands out of my mouth, please.

10. Hop on in!

This sounds kind of fun!

11. Don’t go in there.

Forgot about that…

12. The sensitive type.

Who doesn’t get emotional to Poison?

13. Not again!

The nerve on this guy!

Now it’s YOUR turn.

What’s the weirdest date you’ve ever been on?

Talk to us in the comments. We love this stuff!