Do you have any issues with your first name? Maybe your parents adorned you with a weird one and it caused you a lot of trouble throughout the years?

Or maybe some pop culture character ruined your name – ‘Luke, I am your father” or whatever?

Or maybe people are just annoying about your name no matter what it is.

Twitter users sounded off about the problems they have with their names. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. What did I just say?

2. Just “Beth”.

3. Oh, Karen…

4. Just call me by my name.

5. You’re in my country.

6. “Women should have shorter, friendlier names.”

7. I get it!

8. Cathy with a “C”.

9. Clearly not a man.

10. Growing old with this one.

11. Pretty infuriating.

12. That took a while.

13. This is good.

14. A tough one.

15. He’s actually my dad.

Those are pretty interesting, I think?

Do you ever have annoying situations that arise because of your name?

Tell us all about it in the comments!