We want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

And we want it about unsolved mysteries!

Do you have one story, a historical mystery, or a cold case that really intrigues you and you spend hours and hours researching it online?

I have a few that fascinate me and I know I’m not alone. Not even close…because people love this kind of stuff.

Folks took to Twitter and shared what mystery they’d love to know the entire truth about.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Two crazy mysteries.

That are still unsolved.

2. The Epstein chronicles.

What really happened?

3. All the good stuff.

There’s a long list…

4. Two of the big ones.

Who is responsible?

5. That’s a crazy one.

And pretty terrifying.

6. Aliens? Egyptians?

Who did it?!?!

7. Anybody out there?

Can we really be alone?

8. That was weird!

Do you remember?

9. Did he have help?

Still a mystery…

10. The Zodiac Killer.

A very scary story.

11. WTF happened.

We need the truth.

12. Now THAT is a real mystery.

Maybe he found the Fountain of Youth?

How about you?

What mysteries would you like to see solved in your lifetime?

Talk to us about it in the comments!