I’d never really given this much thought before, but I guess when you think about it, there are a ton of made-up songs from movies and TV shows that are kind of awesome. This one comes to mind for me from Boogie Nights.

Or maybe this gem from Saved by the Bell.

People on Twitter shared their thoughts on the subject.

1. Make up your mind.

2. That was big.

3. A smash hit.

4. Socks with sandals.

5. This one right here.

6. Oh, it’s a banger.

7. Remember this one?

8. Just release it already.

9. From The Boondocks.

10. The ballad of the salad.

11. Here’s a good one.

12. Listen up!

13. Don’t forget this one. 

14. Let it soothe you.

That was a lot of fun!

Now it’s your turn!

What are your favorite fake songs from TV shows and movies?

Share them with us in the comments!