Have you ever had something totally random happen to something in your life and it made you question just what the heck was going on in the universe?

Hey, guess what? It happens all the time!

The universe works in very mysterious ways and, while we might think that we’re in charge as humans, nothing could be further from the truth. All kinds of crazy things happen, forces collide in strange ways, and we end up with countless examples of how amazing the world is on a daily basis!

Let’s take a look at these cool instances that people shared online of “what happens if…”

They’re a lot of fun to look at!

1. A perfectly formed hair.

Don’t see that every day.

One of my hairs got caught in a zipper. Came out looking like this from mildlyinteresting

2. Wow. Good thing no one was around.

That’s scary stuff.

Last night, lightning struck Dornoch beach in Scotland, and that’s how the scene looks like after it. from interestingasfuck

3. I remember this well from my teenage years.

Who would do such a thing?!?!

This is what happens when you put dish soap in a fountain from mildlyinteresting

4. Wow. That’s really cool.

Offshore wind farms are pretty wild.

Horns Rev 1 wake effects — stunning image of the first large scale offshore wind farm in the world (photo credit Christian Steiness) [3072 x 2304] from pics


No matter what.

What happens if you leave an apple and a banana for 6 months in an office locker because covid… from interestingasfuck

6. Stay in the water as long as you want.

Don’t worry about pruning.

Severed a nerve in my index finger… Half my finger can no longer prune. from mildlyinteresting

7. Dig in to some tiny popcorn!

Did you know you could do this?

My mom microwaved some birdseed to disinfect it before putting it in a beanbag and accidentally made tiny popcorn from mildlyinteresting

8. There will be no games today.

This is kind of crazy.

This is what happens to a basketball court when the pipes burst from pics

9. A beautiful mistake.

Well, that turned out pretty well!

I put blue food coloring in my white roses water from mildlyinteresting

10. The square spoon.

Grandma was a little rough with this thing, huh?

My grandma has used the same spoon in her coffee for about 45 years and it’s gone square from mildlyinteresting

11. Reminds me of Caddyshack.

Don’t golf during storms, people!

Lightning strikes a golf practice green in Iowa from mildlyinteresting

12. Your own laser light show.

You don’t even have to leave home!

When the bathroom door is closed almost all the way, each of the 4 bulbs in the bathroom emits its own distinct beam of light into the room. from mildlyinteresting

13. That’s really cool.

Check out what’s underneath the surface.

The way the water wore away the cement top layer… from mildlyinteresting

Those are so cool!

Do you have any interesting examples of “What happens if…” that you’d like to share?

If so, please do it in the comments. Thanks a lot!