It’s hard to make big changes in life. Especially when it comes to losing weight and being healthier overall.

The people in these photos were all glad to share their very impressive transformations. Most of them are from people putting in hard work and a few of them are just people growing up out of that awkward phase.

Either way, they are really enjoyable to look at and they should inspire all of us.


1. Nice work!

F/22/5’0 [227 lbs > 103 lbs = 124 lbs] I’m back with more progress 🙂 from progresspics

2. Looking good!

F/21/5’5” [300lbs > 164lbs = 136lbs] weight loss progress.

3. Very impressive!

F/25/5’6” [235 -> 155 = 80 lbs lost] (3 years) Things I did: that. from progresspics

4. You look wonderful.

M/19/6’4” [356lbs -> 235 =121lbs] this transformation is suits me well. from progresspics

5. Wow. A lot of work went into this.

M/35/6’3”[534>217=317lbs] Same Chair. 3 Years Later. wls 7/2016. Focused on a high protein/low carb diet with a foundation of calorie deficiency. Hoping for skin surgery soon. Currently 12.2% body fat. from progresspics

6. Putting in the effort.

I was told that this might be appreciated here. The first picture is me in my duct tape dress at 16. The second picture is me now, at 21 after losing 100 pounds, cutting off my frizzy hair, and actually putting effort into my appearance. from uglyduckling

7. Say goodbye to half of yourself.

F/23/5’9 [270 lbs > 135 lbs = 135 lbs] lost half of myself! from progresspics

8. We all see the difference!

F/24/5’6 [231lbs>198lbs=33lbs] 3 months! I couldn’t see the difference at all until my husband showed me this photo from July! About 40lbs to go 🙂 from progresspics

9. Depression takes a huge toll.

23 vs 27 – this is what fixing your depression can do to you from uglyduckling

10. More than 70 pounds later.

F/27/5’5” [230 > 158 = 72lbs] l always thought my face shape was round lol from progresspics

11. Hitting the gym.

Update: 1 Year of weight gain

12. A true beauty.

12 – 24 Even my family doesn’t recognize me these days, it’s nice from uglyduckling

13. Doing it the right way.

18 > 20, Decided to hit the gym to get a better looking body, looks like I decided to do it around the time my face was changing too! from uglyduckling

Aren’t those delightful?

Have you gone through a big transformation?

If you’d like to, we’d really like to see your before and after photos! Please share them in the comments!