Pretty much since the film and television industries began, the world has been full of stories about celebrities who aren’t anything like their public personas. According to Someone Who Met Them Once, “Jimmy Stewart is actually a jerk!” Or “Marilyn Monroe is a kleptomaniac!” Or “Charlie Chaplin doesn’t really eat shoes like he did in The Gold Rush!” We’ve all heard stories like this, and we’ve all probably told a few ourselves.

But surely not every celebrity is wildly different than who they pretend to be, right? Surely some of their public personas have to be based on their real personalities? Of course! And to prove it, here are 15 stories about celebrities who turned out to be exactly like you’d think.


1. Somehow I’m not surprised.

Photo Credit: @SaintofSnark

2. High rollers.

Photo Credit: @lanikaps

3. He’s basically America’s uncle.

Photo Credit: @American_Kopite

4. Dapper Dan

Photo Credit: @EmilyABroderick

5. Never change, you wonderful alien.

Photo Credit: @mariskreizman

6. Total punk move.

Photo Credit: @lillydancyger

7. The quintessential music-phile.

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8. Nailed it.

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9. So, Tracy Jordan was autobiographical.

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10. Shuck it, Trebek.

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11. Whoa.

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12. Captain America always has your back.

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13. Just FYI, Colin Hanks is 41 years old.

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14. Seems like a fun loving guy.

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15. Can he be our next president?

Photo Credit: @george_clinton

h/t: Buzzfeed and Bored Panda