Advice is hard to give and often harder to take – but when it’s bad advice, people on both sides end up feeling terrible in the end.

Just ask these 15 advisees:

#15. I say to myself…

“When I was leaving the Army I had to see this career counselor who’s job it was to try and talk me out of it.

His “advice” consisting of telling me that I wouldn’t make it college and that without the security of the military I’d flounder and end up homeless.

Every single time something goes right in my life I say to myself “Fuck that guy.”

#14. Useless.

“Just tell your brain to cheer up”: This piss useless piece of advice, given to me when I was suffering from depression…..”

#13. A copper penny.

“It’s okay to put a copper penny in a screw-in fuse box if you don’t have replacement fuses handy.”

That’s what my friend’s grandfather said, and it resulted in an electrical fire that almost destroyed his house.”

#12. No thanks, Mom.

“Just get pregnant! We’ll raise it together!” no thanks mom.”

#11. I don’t think that’s healthy.

“My old roommate once told me to never leave a man without having another one lined up ready to go. Now I’m no relationship expert, but I don’t think that’s healthy.”

#10. A lot of time!

“Use coconut oil for smooth skin. No, It broke me out so bad, It took me weeks to get it back to normal, And for someone with dry skin, that’s a lot of time!!!”

#9. Just don’t.

“”Just dont think about it like that anymore.”

Oh, no shit? Just dont think bad thoughts? It would have NEVER occurred to me. /s”

#8. WTF.

“‘If you start wearing more brand clothing, maybe people will start liking you’ Like wtf.”

#7. Dear old dad.

“Never wear condoms, it’s like jumping into a pool with socks on.”

-My Dad”

#6. Well, then.

“Hey dad, I went to the doctor today (after 30 years of you telling me nothing was wrong with me) and I got diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It looks like I’ve had it almost ALL MY LIFE.”

Dad’s advice, “Well then stop being anxious.”

#5. “Help.”

“Just ignore them” – every teacher who’s help I sought out after being bullied by classmates.”

#4. It can be exhausting.

“To follow what my mother says because she wants what’s “best” for me when in reality she’s just trying to re-live her life through me. Even if she means well it can be exhausting.”

#3. You got this.

“Just hit it at full speed bro! You got this!” All I got was broken ribs, collarbone and concussion.”

#2. What I’m good at.

“Follow your dreams”, I’m horrible at what I dreamt of being. Now I’m studying what I’m good at and I’m having a waaay better time.”

#1. He likes you.

“If a boy is mean and bullies you, it just means he likes you and thinks you’re cute”