Are you losing your mind just a little bit?

Do the walls seem to be closing in, making every day seem it’s not gonna end?

Well, you’re not alone, friends! Because A LOT of people out there have had just about enough of this shutdown. It’s causing them to fight with their roommates, spouses, significant others, and family members about petty, little things that would probably otherwise be overlooked.

Hey, that’s what happens when you spend WAYYYYY too much time with people under the same roof.

Let’s take a look at these tweets from folks who talked about the dumb fights they’ve engaged in with the people they live with during this crazy time.


1. Oh, boy…

The Burrito Wars of 2020.

2. You gotta fill those babies all the way up.

I hope you learned a lesson.

3. Questioning life.

Let’s start from the beginning.

4. The smoking gun…

I mean…toilet.

5. You did that from the bath?

I have a feeling someone is in trouble.

6. That is crucial.

And it causes a lot of drama.

7. It’s getting ugly…

Don’t touch those!

8. I might need something out of there!

What were you thinking????

9. Pay attention!

You only get one shot!

10. The great milk fight.

A sad state of affairs.

11. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

I’d like to know how this was wrapped up.

12. People are crying.

Over tomato sauce!

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