I love being around compulsive liars. LOVE IT. For some reason it’s just hilarious to me, so I keep egging people on and on and on…

Hey, I don’t have a lot in this life, so give me a break, okay? I like to listen to people spout ridiculous BS. Someone recently threw out this question on Twitter and it was a pleasure reading the feedback.

Here are some of the good responses.

1. Color deaf

2. The sacred donkey

3. Witness protection

4. Sorry, can’t go there

5. Hahaha

6. We’re related

7. Family

8. That was a genius move

9. She bought it

10. That’s a lot of dads

11. That’s a lot

12. Mouse kidneys

13. Hook, line, and sinker

14. Big inventor

15. They need jobs

Tell us your favorite BS stories you’ve heard in the comments! We’re in this together!