Finding the right excuse to call in sick to work is like an art form. You have to craft the perfect reason so that your boss will think it’s legit and your co-workers won’t give you a bunch of shit when you come back to the office.

These excuses are so far off the grid that I have a feeling these people might have been given their walking papers.

But, at least we can enjoy them from afar.

Maybe give these a shot next time you want to play hooky from work and see what happens…

1. Not happening today.

2. They are intimidating.

3. Just can’t see it.

4. Uh oh. Gonna get ugly.

5. I can’t move.

6. This is unreal.

7. Might never come back to work because of this.

8. Very crucial work going on.

9. OMG I see it!

10. That’s very strange…

11. It’s going around.

12. One in a million shot.

13. You’ll be out at least a few days.

14. Not a big fan.

15. Not done with this season yet.

16. That is an abomination.

I’ve called in sick a couple of times in my day but I don’t think I’ve ever used any excuses like these.

How about you? What’s the weirdest or most ridiculous excuse you used to miss work?

Tell us all about it in the comments!