When your dog does something naughty like eat all the steaks off the table or track mud through the house, what do you do?

I’ll tell you what: you discipline them, shame them, take photos of shaming them, and then you share those photos on social media!

It works every time!

Take a look at these naughty dogs who got put on blast by their owners.

We think you’ll enjoy them.

1. When are you ever gonna learn your lesson?

You’re gonna be spending some time in jail, partner…

Supreme Leader Kylo Solo Ren got out while I was bringing in the groceries. Luckily I found him down the street. from dogshaming

2. These two are a menace to your home office.

And it’s time you do something about it.

My co-workers keep eating office supplies. from dogshaming

3. Oh, Captain! You devil, you!

He’s gonna be sick for a while.

Captain snatched a half dozen donuts from the back of the counter. from dogshaming

4. He must have been hungry.

But I have a feeling he’s in some hot water.

Hi I’m sebastian and I took every box of cereal outside and destroyed them from dogshaming

5. That’s a major bummer.

I don’t think he cares, by the way.

Guess I’m not leaving the country any time soon from dogshaming

6. Peanut is at it again!

He’s into shoes, what can you say?

I’m Peanut and I like to steal mom’s shoes while she’s at work. from dogshaming

7. Don’t leave her alone anymore.

How many new doors do you want to buy?

I’m not going to name names but someone didn’t like being left in the bedroom for a couple hours from dogshaming

8. Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak.

Now I want to listen to some Thin Lizzy.

Jail break then an early morning from dogshaming

9. Doesn’t look sorry at all.

The peeing bandit is back.

I’m not even sorry. from dogshaming

10. It’s like a real-life shredding machine.

Better keep her occupied.

She’s not sorry. from dogshaming

11. Or something like that.

I’ve heard of weirder things before.

Maybe it’s his way of bringing down the aristocracy from dogshaming

12. Why you choose to eat soap over other things is beyond me.

But you gotta do you!

Two travel sized bars in 3 days … from dogshaming

Do you have any pics of your dog being shamed?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

Thanks in advance!