I’ve had quite a few celebrity deaths hit me hard over the years because I was big fans of theirs and they died way too young: Kurt Cobain, Chris Farley, River Phoenix, John Candy, and Phil Hartman to name a few.

Obviously, I didn’t know these people personally, but you grow up watching people on TV and in movies and listening to their music and when they die suddenly, it affects you.

A Twitter user posted this question and it got people talking.

Let’s check out some of the responses from people on Twitter.

1. An American tragedy.

This was shocking.

2. Gone way too soon.

A very good actor.

3. This was a really sad one.

He brought people together.

4. The Kennedy curse.

The family has seen so much tragedy.

5. This person has strong feelings.

MJ was a very talented performer.

6. A comedic genius.

So many funny memories.

7. A young actor gone way too early.

He had a lot of hit movies.

8. Princess Leia to most of us.

Very sad, indeed…

9. His music defined a generation.

He was a legend.

10. This was sad.

The man who brought us The Muppets.

11. So many great movie roles.

And the ladies sure loved him.

12. A real tragedy.

Only 23-years-old.

13. A hilarious actor with a huge heart.

He is missed…

Very sad. All of them.

How about you?

What celebrity deaths hit you the hardest?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know your thoughts.

Please and thank you!