They’re calling it “Megxit,” and people are pretty fired up about it. Well, some people, I guess.

I’m talking about Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle deciding to step away from the British Royal Family. It came as quite a shock and people all over the world have a lot of feelings about it.

Let’s see what folks on good old social media had to say.

1. That’s how it really went down.

2. Now what are we supposed to do?

3. Can’t help laughing.

4. Yes! Do it!

5. Doing their own thing.

6. That was quick.

7. I’m done here.

8. Belong to the world now.

9. Should be a real doozy.

10. This woman is into it.

11. A good idea for a reality show.

12. You nailed it.

What do you think about Prince Harry and Meghan stepping away from the Royal Family?

Mad? Concerned? Happy? Indifferent?

Share your opinions with us in the comments.