Full disclosure: I’ve never heard of Singles’ Day, which is apparently a holiday in China where young people go out and shop for themselves. Okay…

Anyway, the hashtag #SinglesDay started trending on Twitter, and people thought it was all about being without a companion or a significant other and all kinds of people tweeted about it!

A happy accident!

Enjoy these tweets!

1. You do you.

2. This one makes sense…

3. Welp, I’m still here…


4. I like this one!

5. Yeah, why are you still married?


6. It might get better? Maybe?

7. Listen up, ladies.


8. Keep that mind sharp.

9. Here’s my partner.

10. You need a tutorial.

11. It’s ME time.

12. At least you know what to expect.


13. Making out with myself.

14. Keep it up!

15. Single and loving it.

Let’s start our own Singles Day over here for lonely people!

Who’s with me?!?!