No doubt about it, folks are bored out of their damn minds right now while being forced to stay at home. What can you do next? You’ve read all your books, planted your garden, and watched every single thing on Netflix.

Well, here’s a fun challenge you can participate in if you’re looking for something new to do. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged people to recreate famous paintings at home using only things they have on hand.

And I think you’ll be very impressed with what people have been able to come up with!

1. This is awesome!

The face paint really seals the deal.

Picasso’s “Woman in a Hat with Pompoms and a Printed Blouse”
by inGettyMuseumChallenge

2. Nailed it!

With the smoke and everything.

“La Ricitos” by Baldomero Gili
byu/Panku14 inGettyMuseumChallenge

3. Mother and daughter.

This is a good one.

4. I love this!

And now I’m hungry…

5. A classic painting.

And a great re-imagining of it.

“Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth
byu/echothatislove inGettyMuseumChallenge

6. Wow! So colorful!

Getting the whole family involved.

7. This one took a while.

No snack is safe!

8. Very, very clever.

Apples! Get it?!?!

9. This guy is now a legend.

Getting through the shutdown in style.

10. Extremely cool.

Summoning the ghost of Picasso.

Girl Before a Mirror, Picasso, 1932
byu/Ariellacharny inGettyMuseumChallenge

11. Toilet paper rolls for the win!

This recreation probably took a while.

Aren’t those awesome?!?! I’m very impressed by how creative people are getting with this challenge.

Now we’d like to see what you’ve been up to at home! In the comments, share a photo or a story about what you’ve been doing to pass the time.

We look forward to hearing from you!