Doesn’t it drive you insane when you order food and you’re expecting it to be one way and what you get is a major letdown?

Of course, it does! You’re only human after all, right…?

Well, I don’t want to get your blood pressure up, but you’re about to see some major food fails that are so offensive they might make you sick.

Are you ready to get really, really upset?

Okay, go ahead and take a look at these fails…you’ve been warned.

1. Technically, it wasn’t a lie.

But still…not cool…

When they said "chocolate chip muffin", I didn’t take them literally… but should have from foodscam

2. I’d call this false advertising.

What the hell happened to the rest of it?

The burrito looked huge when covered. from foodscam

3. Definitely didn’t live up to the hype.

The toppings are weak with this one.

To be fair, I monched a few chips in the corner before the pic from foodscam

4. This is beyond rude.

I hope you brought it back.

Just why? from foodscam

5. Yikes. Not cool at all.

Not even enough to feed a child.

This popcorn packaging from foodscam

6. One big blob of bread.

I bet you didn’t enjoy that…

Ah come on from foodscam

7. Time to call the corporate headquarters.

This is an abomination.

It says delicate roses on the packaging, i don’t think so. from foodscam

8. I guess they sort of got it right.

In a roundabout way.

Wife asked for extra sour cream on the side from foodscam

9. I don’t see any Oreos in there.

Where are the Oreos?!?!

I was told my 2020reo ice cream belonged here from foodscam

10. No way that filled you up.

What a bummer.

air sandwich from foodscam

11. Life is just a lie.

Well, now we’re all depressed.

Life is like a box of chocolates: a big fat lie from foodscam

12. Hahaha. Wow. Not even close.

That’s quite a bit of packaging for only a few cookies. Fail!

An interesting title from foodscam

Now we want to hear from you, dear friends!

In the comments, tell us about your biggest food letdown or disaster.

Share some pics too if you got ’em!

Thanks, fam!