There are no two ways around it: this is a very difficult time for many people and a lot of folks out there are struggling financially.

And you would hope that during this time, landlords would be understanding, sympathetic, and they would cut their tenants a break as they struggle to pay the rent.

But, sometimes people can be really selfish and uncaring, which isn’t exactly breaking news.

People have taken to Twitter to call out extremely greedy landlords who are definitely not being cool during this trying time. I sincerely hope none of our readers are going through this out there, because this stuff is just unforgivable.

1. Raising rent now?

That’s very shady…

2. They removed the front door.

This is terrible.

3. Gee, thanks for the tip.

And it better be there on the first of the month!

4. Uhhhhhh, what?

That’s totally outrageous.

5. Total scumbags.

Preying on people right now.

6. This is sad.

Refusing to work with them.


It’s almost unthinkable.

8. That’s so sketchy.

And it sounds illegal to me.

9. Thrown out in the street.

Very greedy business.

10. Really sticking it to him.

What kind of people are they?

11. Gimme that cash.

Like everyone’s bills aren’t just piling up right now?

Ugh. I never had it this bad, but these posts remind me of some pretty shitty landlords I had when I was younger.

How about you? Have you ever had to deal with a less-than-stellar landlord? Or maybe you’re even dealing with one NOW?

Tell us all about it in the comments, please!