Kids are still figuring out language, so it’s to be expected that they’ll they mangle words on the regular. But sometimes, they’ll come up with a word for something that’s actually better than the word itself. Like when author Tessa Dare‘s friend’s child saw a crow and called it a “Halloween eagle.” Dare shared this gem on her Twitter, and soon other parents began posting their own kids’ inventiveness with language.

Below are 15 animals and objects, renamed by a kid. Aside from being funny, these new names actually make sense when you think about them from the point of view of a kid who’s never seen one before. And a few of them might even be worth using instead of the original name! If you start using them in everyday conversation, we won’t judge.

1. Gloves

Photo Credit: @msjennywatson

2. Ravioli

Photo Credit: @shaniggli

3. Vultures

Photo Credit: @jilliank245

4. Smokestacks

Photo Credit: @kree104

5. Ambulance & bed sheets

Photo Credit: @erdoland

6. Farting

Photo Credit: @brettspiel

7. Cartwheels

Photo Credit: @KCrechriou

8. Rhinos

Photo Credit: @ZoeJTuinman

9. Earmuffs

Photo Credit: @ggerrietts

10. Harmonicas

Photo Credit: @SuzanneBlakeman

11. The butcher shop

Photo Credit: @KCrechriou

12. Kraft singles

Photo Credit: @cbaskerville

13. Running

Photo Credit: @KCrechriou

14. Pizza crusts

Photo Credit: @Skorpeo

15. Cemeteries

Photo Credit: @JaniceSimon


h/t: Scary Mommy