DIY = Do It Yourself. It’s a good motto to live by for a lot of things, and it’s also good to encourage kids to make their own way in the world.

In these hilarious Twitter responses, parents shared the times their adorable children tried to do things their way…and the results were a little less than spectacular.

But still, good job, kids!

Oh, bless their hearts…

1. The tweet that got the ball rolling.

2. Making great progress!

3. Willing to relocate…

4. Let’s partner up.

5. The top of her game.

6. Nailed it!

7. What a deal!

8. On her way!

9. Half girl/Half tiger.

10. This is the big time.

11. Picture perfect.

12. Very pleased.

13. Might have a millionaire on your hands.

Wow…these kids definitely deserve an A For Effort, but some of those are a little rough…

Have your kids ever tried to start up their own little gig? How did it go?

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