I’m gonna go on the record here…I’m obsessed with pizza. Like, it’s kind of a problem. I can eat it every day for every meal, even breakfast. I don’t do that, of course, but I can dream, can’t I…?

If you’re on Team Pizza with me, these tweets are going to make a whole lot of sense.

PS: I’m starving…

1. I hear this in my head every day.

2. One last bite…

3. It’s even better.

4. That’s what hurt me.

5. It’s simply the best.

6. I have two questions.

7. I need to track this person down.

8. Just go for it!

9.  I need to be alone with the pizza.

10. Let’s renew our vows.

11. That’s all you need!

12. Let’s try for another one.

13. That whole arm is going in there.

14. I’ve often thought about this…

15. That’s my kid!

Is pizza the love of your life?

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