If you’re like me, using someone else’s can opener is the most intimidating thing to do in the kitchen. Some of them are electronic, some are, I don’t know, under a countertop for some reason? Mine is old school and it gets the job done, including the occasional sliced finger from a jagged edge that didn’t come off quite right.

Enter the Internet, where you can find out you’re doing something wrong and how to magically do it better every single day of your life if you’re so inclined.

This one, though, is something special, because it can turn every frustrating (manual) can opener into a device that’s safe and simple to use – without changing a single thing about the one in your cupboard.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Instead of clamping the can opener on the lip of the can so that the crank faces out to the side, turn it face up toward the ceiling before turning the knob like you normally would. Once you’ve completed a full rotation, lift the opener away from the can.

Thanks to that extra strip of metal the lid should still be attached to the can opener, which means you can even move it over to the trash bin without getting your hands dirty.

Check out the video below for visual instructions, and then run home to try it yourself – it will transform your next green-bean-opening experience, without a doubt.

And who isn’t tempted by that?