Yikes. That’s all I can keep saying in my head right now. YIKES.

Why do I keep saying that? Because we’re living in a crazy time that’s making us all insane!

And in order to counterbalance the madness, we need to remember to take mental health breaks and laugh as much as possible.

And we believe that these memes are the perfect thing to do just that!

So let’s quit beating around the bush and get to it! Enjoy! And keep your head up!

1. Remember that song?

It was a huge hit in the early ’90s. Trust us on this one.

2. This is where it all started.

So she’s to blame?

3. I need to speak to HR about this.

Doesn’t seem like it’s working out too well.

4. This photo will now go on all platforms.

Admit it, you’ve done this.

5. I’m worried about this person.

How are you? And…about that McRib…

6. Gimme the good stuff.

I’m on board with this.

7. Please stop talking to me.

Can’t you see I’m trying to avoid all small talk?

8. This works really well.

Just in case you’ve never tried it.

9. Raging with anger.

Part of my everyday routine now.

10. I don’t either!

I’m glad someone else said this.

11. Those were great times.

Man, I miss it!

12. What else can possibly go wrong?

Seems totally normal for 2020.

Those sure did the trick, don’t you think?

And now we want to hear from you!

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