If you’ve ever adopted a pet from a shelter, then you know the unconditional love that comes from that bond.

It lasts a lifetime and you and that cat, dog, ferret, or whatever animal you bring into your life will forever shower you with love for making them a part of your family.

And you’ll thank them too because they bring so much joy and happiness into your life!

It’s a perfect combination, no doubt about it!

Let’s take a look at some very wholesome photos that show recently adopted pets that are thrilled to be with their new owners.

Let the Love Fest begin!

1. He’s not lonely anymore.

Look at this dynamic duo!

My baby was lonely and we adopted a sister for him from aww

2. A tiny thing!

And totally adorable!

Reddit say Hello to our tiny little Coco. from aww

3. Gus looks very happy.

Welcome home, buddy!

After 6 years of living in apartments that don’t accept animals, my wife and I finally moved and were able to get a dog. Reddit, meet Gus. from aww

4. No problem fitting in at all.

Just squeeze on in there, friend.

Adopted a kitten, it seems he’s fitting in just fine. Or maybe a little too well 😂 from cats

5. Can’t let this one go.

You now have a new family member.

It was supposed to only be a foster through the lockdown, but I can’t let him go now. Going through the adoption process as we speak! Meet Mauwi! from aww

6. Daisy is a champion!

Look at this dog! Amazing!

I got adopted by this beautiful pup this weekend. Say hi to Daisy. from aww

7. Are you awake yet?

I think they like it here.

Adopted these babies yesterday. They were scared all of yesterday but I woke up and found them sitting like this beside me ♥️ from aww

8. Hahaha. I love the name!

Waffles looks thrilled!

Today my wife and I adopted a senior puppy! Everybody, meet Waffles! from aww

9. Welcome home!

Now let’s get dirty!

Our adopted boi is half husky. Got a custom doormat made just for him! from aww

10. He just needed a little time.

Now he’s adjusted and feeling great!

I adopted Maui yesterday. He spent all day hiding from me. This morning, I was able to get him on a leash and go walking. When we came back he had this big smile on his face. from aww

11. It was worth it.

Billie looks like a great pooch!

Drove 2260 miles to adopt this little sweetie, and it’s the best thing I have ever done. Reddit, meet 10 year old Billie. from aww

12. Come out and play!

You have a new best friend.

Adopted this lady two months ago. Today was the first time she wanted to play! from aww

13. Just look at that face.

I think this dog is very happy to be in a new home.

My aunt adopted a smiling puppy from aww

Those photos and stories are beautiful! And I know they improved my mood quite a bit.

How about you?

Do you have a rescue pet?

If so, please share a photo with us in the comment and tell us a little bit about them!

Thanks in advance!