Because museums are closed, for the time being, institutions have taken to online platforms to engage audiences and highlight their collections.

England’s Yorkshire Museum started a fun trend online since the shutdown began called “Curator Battles” where its staff calls on other museums to share the coolest artifacts in their collections.

And it’s really a lot of fun!

Let’s take a look at these fascinating historical artifacts.

1. Beat that!

That’s pretty impressive.

2. Creepiness from Ireland.

Be careful during Samhain…

3. Wow! Crazy!

Still scaring people after all these years.

4. Very iconic.

And very popular, apparently!

5. Celtic coins.

What a find!

6. How unique!

I’m glad these were saved.

7. The Holy Grail.

From the one and only.

8. A piece of history.

From all the way back in 1872.

9. The mummy.

Thousands of years old.

10. From Roman times.

A soldier from Britain.

11. Very interesting.

Papier-mâché for the win!

12. That is awesome.

I’d love to have this.

13. I’d wear these.

How about you?

Which one is your favorite?

Talk to us in the comments!

And tell us some other cool museums we can check out online.