Whenever there’s a new royal baby, practically the entire world takes notice. And when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently had their third child this past Monday, (whose name has yet to be announced, but that’s how the royals roll), there was the usual media frenzy. Just hours after giving birth, William and Kate appeared before the press to introduce their baby to the world.

Photo Credit: Hello Magazine

The photo was met with plenty of excitement, but lots of folks couldn’t help but notice how put-together Kate looked for a woman who had just pushed a whole baby out of her. To be fair to Kate, it’s kind of her job as a duchess to always look fantastic, and it’s much more achievable when you have an armada of stylists and hairdressers at your disposal like Kate does.

Still, mothers everywhere couldn’t help but think about their own pregnancies and how un-glamorous they looked. They’ve been sharing of their own pregnancies alongside photos of Kate, to show what a real pregnancy looks like. First compiled by Bored Panda, these honest portrayals are the antidote to the perfect celebrity pregnancy photo.

They’ll also make you really, really glad you’re not a duchess.

1. Royalty vs. Reality

Photo Credit: ruthannieparnell

2. Some people admired Kate even more after seeing her photo.

Photo Credit: Melanie_KS

3. While others were simply baffled.

Photo Credit: LidiaNews

4. How Kate looks vs. how Kate feels.

Photo Credit: theformer_ntmom

5. Take a nap. You earned it.

Photo Credit: Sophie Killingley

6. What do you think Kate’s post-delivery meal was?

Photo Credit: Kate Warhurst

Answer: Trick question. Kate has evolved past the need for food.

7. Been there, done that.

Photo Credit: rebekahbaker

8. Giving birth is about as easy as climbing Mt. Everest.

Photo Credit: JadeBarnes23

9. If you can muster a smile, you are a legend.

Photo Credit: marisag83

10. Honestly, just being upright is an accomplishment.

Photo Credit: vickibutler7

11. You can still look glamorous in a hospital gown.

Photo Credit: HANNAHSTORM6

12. #Gavebirthlikethis

Photo Credit: loumouat

13. New mom, or flood survivor? You be the judge.

Photo Credit: vickjulie

14. No matter how tired they are, every mom loves their baby.

Photo Credit: suzi_fitz

15. But giving birth is just the beginning.

Photo Credit: tialuke

h/t: Bored Panda and Distractify