This was an honest mistake, right? Cheryl Wassus heard that the Motor City Furry Convention was coming to town, and she thought it would be a fun opportunity to take her therapy dog, Link, out and about.

Cheryl assumed Furry equaled DOG, as plenty of people probably would, because she’d never heard of Furries: people who dress as fictional animal characters. Maybe you haven’t either.

Cheryl and Link attended the convention, and the pooch became the star of the Furry show! Take a look at the pics below.

Meet Link. He’s adorable:

Photo Credit: someecards

Cheryl’s son posted the story, which went totally viral.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Kenny Wassus

Two furry creatures meet:

Photo Credit: someecards

Link is not at all creeped out – but I am:

Photo Credit: Twitter,Kenny Wassus

Animals walking animals…so meta…

Photo Credit: Twitter, Kenny Wassus

Bowing down to Link, as he is their Furry king:

Photo Credit: Twitter, Kenny Wassus

So a word of advice to those of you thinking of going to a Con: Do your research first. You never know what you might stumble into…

h/t: someecards