As much as everyone likes to make fun of Millennials and say that they’re lazy and soft, they’ve been through a lot of stuff in their lives.

I’m talking about big, major, life-changing events.

And just in case any of you out there forgot about any of those things, Millennials are taking to Twitter to remind everyone about all the awful stuff they’ve had to deal with.

Let’s take a look at what these folks had to say…

1. Think about it…

They’ve been through quite a bit.

2. The last one on that list is pretty rough.

At least we can all unite around not liking Carole Baskin.

3. You’re not a kid anymore…

A lot of sh*t to put up with.

4. Numbed to catastrophe.

This person is right on target.

5. That Cubs world series was a doozy.

I bet you never thought you’d see that one.

6. An unraveled world.

Let’s hope things start looking up!

7. What’s next?

We can only hope that things improve.

8. Back in my day…

You’ll have a lot of good stories.

9. Stop giving us crap!

A lot of big historical events have already gone down in their lives.

10. Think we can afford that?

Just waiting to see what happens next…

11. That old one-liner…

Doesn’t really ring true, now does it?

12. Why me, God?

That’s a good question…

Well, there you have it…

So what do you think?

Do Millennials have legitimate gripes or are they just whining?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!