I think I just found my new favorite Instagram account.

I’m talking about a raccoon named Tito who is not only adorable and lives his best life with humans, but he’s also a darn good finger painter.

Tito also shares his house with two other raccoons named Piper and Cheeto and their lives look like a real hoot!

It makes me think I might want to rescue a raccoon as a pet…maybe.

I had four of these little guys stuck in my chimney a few months ago and when the “wildlife expert” pulled them out safely, they were seriously the most adorable things I’d ever seen in my life…so we’ll see what the future brings…

Now, let’s get to know Tito!

1. Look at that face!

What a handsome fella!

2. Here is some of Tito’s artwork.

You can see the talent here.

3. Wash your hands!

And wear a mask!

4. Tito did his own challenge.

And he nailed it!

5. Extreme close-up.

Tito is a very deep thinker.

6. I like your work!

Keep it coming!

7. Are you ready for Halloween yet?

What are you gonna be this year?

8. Let’s take a swim!

This looks like fun!

9. Some more work from the artist.

He’s very proud of this one.

10. Tito with his human.

They make a great team!

11. Who’s ready to play some cards?

You’re dealing!

12. One more work of art, please!

Here you go!

I love this guy!

Do you follow any great Instagram accounts featuring animals that we should know about?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!