Meet Scout, aka The Most Patient Dog in the World. He’s a rescued pit bull who loves to balance things on his head and wait patiently for his owner to take hilarious photos of him.

He’s so cool, he even has a book out about him. Scout was mistreated and neglected before he was rescued, but now he’s living the good life.

Take a look at these pics of this sweet guy.

1. Unicorn?

2. Chillin’

3. That’s a huge bone

4. Blindfold?

5. Pot head (get it?)

6. Scout, there’s another dog on your head

7. Now that is patience

8. I can’t see

9. Noodle brain

10. Crazy eyes

11. Here to save the day

12. Fu Manchu

13. That’s a lot of asparagus

14. Ready for sushi

15. I think he wants to rip it to shreds

16. Make that bread

17. He’s over this one

18. All dressed up

19. Cheese head

20. Hopefully he got to devour these (and that’s not real chocolate)

I love this guy! I wish I could clone him and have three Scouts running around my house.