There’s never been a better time to be a wine lover. We live in a world with an almost uncountable number of good wines at reasonable prices–the whole reason Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck is so popular is because it’s still kind of unbelievable that a two dollar bottle of wine can be that good.

With so much good wine available for next to nothing, I’m not sure why anyone would want to make their own. But if you’re the sort of person who thinks saving literally a couple bucks is worth turning your kitchen into a wine production facility, well, I can’t stop you.

Food blogger David Murphy is the mastermind behind “Instant Pot Wine.” As he explained on his website, “We’ve all seen a meme or two running around Facebook wishing that ‘One of those Pinterest chicks could throw grapes in a crock pot and make wine.’ Well, how about one of those Pinterest guys? That would be me lol. I love Pinterest. That is all.”

Now that we’re all good and confused, let’s learn how to make some tasty Instant Pot vino!

First, obviously, you need an Instant Pot–you know, that appliance you use to slow cook chili and meatballs. The one that somehow always scorches whatever you’re cooking, even if you follow the recipe exactly, and leaves that crusty black residue that will never come off and will end up flavoring everything else you ever make in it? It’s perfect for wine.

Then, you need grape juice, wine yeast, sugar, a funnel, and some clear packing tape. First, you mix all the ingredients together in a plastic bottle…

Next, you pour the mixture into your Instant Pot, set it to “yogurt,” let it cook for 48 hours. Then, you bottle it, store it in a place with low light, and between eight days and month later, your Instant Pot wine will be ready to drink.

Sure, it’s basically one step up from prison wine, but according to Murphy it tastes great. Just look at the end product:

Mmmmmm. Do I detect a hint of blackberry, or is that old pulled pork residue?

As Murphy told Scary Mommy, his grand experiment was anything but a sure bet. “I was expecting a failure, but I was patient and played that annoying waiting game. Honestly, it was so much better than some of those cheap bottles of wine that I’ve bought. Dare I say, even better than the 2 buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s!”

Be sure to check back here next week when we showcase a guy who makes delicious water by combining hydrogen and oxygen atoms in his toilet.


h/t: Scary Mommy