Let’s Go to Flavortown With Some Funny Guy Fieri Posts



You know what? I’m gonna go on the record here: I like Guy Fieri a lot. People like to poke fun at the famous chef and TV host, but I think his show is good and he seems like a very nice, positive guy who does a lot of good and brings a lot of happiness to people.

I think a lot of people just like to be haters about anything and everything.

So there.

And he’s really funny on social media as well!

Let’s dive into some posts from and about this food icon.

1. He’s once again…

Asking for FLAVOR!

2. You can’t unsee this.

He knows all…so don’t question him.

3. All tricked out like a video game.

Super Guy Fieri!

4. He’s jumping on this train.

Take a very close look…

5. Michael Scott-style.

That’s what she said!

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I like waking up to the smell of bacon, sue me

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6. Wayyyy beneath the ocean surface.

He’ll go anywhere that serves up the good stuff.

7. You have to go!

See, even Kermit knows what’s up.

8. Was there ever any doubt he’d be re-elected?

Four more years! At least…

9. Uh oh…look at this mash-up.

Possibly separated at birth?

10. Who wore it better?

The hair, I mean…

11. He’s out of this world!

Way into outer space!

12. Going way, way back.

Did you know that Fieri is also a scientist?

13. I’d watch this.

The ladies look beautiful!

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Did you like those memes!

I thought they were pretty darn funny, if I do say so myself.

Oh, by the way, if you needed some more reasons to like Mr. Fieri, he’s going to do a “Nacho Battle” with Bill Murray to raise money for charity and he’s also raising money for restaurant workers during this very difficult time for that industry. You can donate HERE!

Like I said, I’m a fan.

Tell us what you think of the Mayor of Flavortown in the comments!

Stay safe and healthy out there!