Kids are constantly learning skills that will serve them throughout their lives, and one of the most important is writing. As with any learning process, kids make plenty of mistakes as they learn how to write words. Usually this process is adorable. But sometimes, it’s hilarious!

The UK’s Mother’s Day was on March 31st this year, and five-year-old Harrison wrote a card for his Mom, Melanie. In the second line of the letter, Harrison attempted to write the word “cute,” but instead wrote a different c-word.

Yes, that c-word.

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The full card read:

“I luv my mum because she is c***. I luv my mum because she is byotiful. I luv my mum because she is pritey. I luv my mum because she is luvey.”

“I actually spat out my coffee when he presented it to me but then we had a laugh about it,” Melanie told LAD Bible.

The trickiest part was trying to keep a straight face while Harrison read the card aloud.

“He did start reading it out to me and got to that word and said, ‘Oh I think it says ‘cutebut I think I might have spelled it wrong.’

“I said, ‘possibly, yes. I really hope it was meant to say cute’.”

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Melanie and her husband James weren’t quite able to stop from laughing, which initially made Harrison upset. Melanie couldn’t exactly tell her five-year-old specifically why they were laughing, so she simply told him he’d misspelled a word. She also complimented Harrison on his penmanship, something he’s been working on lately.

Melanie showed the card to friends and family, who loved it. She plans to display it proudly on the mantle. And Harrison will have to wait ’til he’s older to fully understand his accidental hilarity.

Photo Credit: Mercury Press

There’s nothing funnier than a kid swearing, either accidentally or on purpose. As children figure out how to write, they make mistakes like Harrison’s happen all the time. Luckily for us, people have been sharing their kids’ unintentional swears on the Internet. In that spirit, here are a few more kids who accidentally worked blue.

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Something tells me this is not the first time this has happened to Mrs. Sult.

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