To paraphrase Steve Martin’s character from Father of the Bride, “‘Getting married’ is simple. A ‘wedding’ is an entirely different proposition.” Weddings are almost guaranteed to go awry. There are just too many variables to account for. The weather may not cooperate. Two completely different families are forced into close proximity for several hours.  And then you’ve got the bride and groom, who are feeling so much pressure that it would be weird if they didn’t freak out. Throw unlimited alcohol into the equation, and things will get messy.

Whether you’re getting married yourself, or you’re just in attendance, the best way to handle a wedding-related mishap is with a sense of humor. In that spirit, Jimmy Fallon recently asked his followers to share their funniest wedding blunders, under the hashtag #WeddingFail. There were so many good responses, it’s surprising a wedding ever goes well. (via Bored Panda.)


1. Fight! Fight! Fight!

2. It’s officially time for sweatpants.

3. Everyone loves a fall wedding.

4. Working blue.

5. Impostors!

6. Groom in the headlights.

7. At least someone took pictures?

8. Adding dozens of dogs to anything always goes well.

9. Mother of the bride.

10. Do you even lift, bro?

11. The sequel’s never as good as the original.

12. Pretty sure that’s not on the registry.

13. Wardrobe malfunction.

14. When you’ve officiated 10,000 weddings, it’s tough to stay engaged.

15. This girl is on fire.