Can this guy do it all, or what?

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, I’m talking about a guy named Jesus…maybe you’ve heard of him?

In addition to being the Son of God, this fella likes to partake in all kinds of fun activities, as you’re about to see.

Never seen Jesus paddleboarding? Well, that’s about to change really fast, my friends…

Let’s see what this wild and crazy guy has been up to lately!

1. He’s about to lay the hammer down.

Don’t mess with Jesus in the ring!

2. He’s known as a pretty good tetherball player.

What a weird game, by the way…

3. Enjoying a haunted house with his friends.

Hey, he loves a good scare.

4. Getting fit on his paddleboard.

Even though he can walk on water, he likes doing this for some reason.

5. Be careful up there, Jesus…

Seems a little bit risky to me.

6. The guy can do it all!

And that includes directing traffic.

7. Yee-haw! Hang on tight!

I hope he lasts eight seconds…

8. It was his turn to put the angel on top this year.

Great job, Jesus!

9. Time for a little fun in the sun.

I hope he put on enough sunblock.

10. Participating in the hula hoop challenge.

Who will be the last man standing?!?!

11. He likes to hit the weights from time to time.

Push it, Jesus!

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