I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…this whole “influencer” culture absolutely baffles me.

These people are famous for what?

And we’re supposed to follow them why?

Plus, apparently a whole lot of them are totally annoying. Are these people serious?

Let’s go to the evidence…

1. Free tickets needed.

“Influencer” wanted free tickets to a CHARITY event
byu/CuratoroftheArts inChoosingBeggars

2. Free rent, please!

Bachelorette contestant wants free rent to be “live-in influencer”
byu/Chalupa_Dad inChoosingBeggars

3. That’s kind of sad…

World-famous model will promote your club for a $25 bottle of vodka.
byu/rodney_melt inChoosingBeggars

4. Gimme gimme gimme.

[deleted by user]
by inChoosingBeggars

5. Shaming.

A beauty influencer posted screenshots of her demanding PR for a $17 eyeshadow palette in an attempt to shame an indie brand, instead she just came across as catty and childish
byu/saareadaar inChoosingBeggars

6. Thanks, but no thanks.

Makeup Brand DMed beauty guru about sending her their product for free and in turn she would post a video using the product on her page. The company replied rudely when she told them she has a fee for doing that.
byu/mmonzeob inChoosingBeggars

7. Sounds like a scam to me…

An ‘influencer’ I know
byu/Xenic1000 inChoosingBeggars

8. I’ll give you exposure!

My friend does nails from home and entitled “influencer” wants to trade exposure for free nails, takes to insulting her job and kids when her offer is declined. Will post backstory in comments
by inChoosingBeggars

9. “Oh boy” is right.

“Influencer’s” Agent asking for a free wedding package. Oh boy.
byu/young_valkyrie inChoosingBeggars

10. What a deal.

I sell spaghetti themed merchandise on Pinterest and some CB wanted me to pay for social influence.
byu/BearFluffy inChoosingBeggars

Have you had any infuriating interactions with so-called “influencers”?

Tell us all about it in the comments. Ugh!