If You’re a Parent, These Funny Tweets Should Be Right up Your Alley


There’s seems to be a never-ending flood of funny parenting tweets. You know why? Because raising kids is hysterical and full of ridiculousness.

Take these 15 tweets for example…you’ll see what I mean.

1. You might get to read two pages.

2. That bad, huh?

3. Sure he is…

4. You are a LIAR!

5. The perfect spot.

6. It’s gonna be a long year.

7. Sounds awesome.

8. Is it called ‘parenthood’?

9. Yes, I’m your grandma.

10. Things look out of place…

11. A constant struggle.

12. Just roll with it.

13. Didn’t go as planned.

14. World War II took place in the ’90s.

15. Where did this come from?

LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Very accurate, methinks.

Are you a parent? Do these tweets speak to your soul?

Tell us a funny story about your little rugrats in the comments!