Ahhhh, young love…you remember it well, don’t you?

Or maybe you’re even going through it right now.

One great thing about falling in love is that it’s as exciting as it is when you’re 12 as it is when you’re 55-years-old. All the good stuff still happens to you no matter what age you are.

The butterflies in your stomach, seeing stars in your eyes, thinking about that person all day, every day…I’m talking about the good stuff!

And here are some wholesome tweets to remind you that what the world needs now is LOVE. Let’s take a look at how these couples got together and where their relationships ended up.

1. Here’s how it started…

And here’s how it ended.

2. A text conversation started it all.

Isn’t technology great?

3. “You seem very cool.”

I guess that’s all it took…


4. Meet the happy couple.

Still going strong!

5. Here are the introductions…

And it ended in marriage.

6. Let’s get to know each other.

And it blossomed into love.

7. They look like a nice couple.

Talking about pizza is always a good thing.

8. Can we meet up some time?

That turned out well.


9. “You’re gonna be in my will.”

That’s always a good way to get started.

10. Emo couple to marriage.

How cute are they?


11. Here’s where we can meet.

And the rest is history.


12. Nerding out over movies.

What else could you ask for?

Those are so great!

And now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us about how you met your partner and where you ended up.

Please and thank you!