Working in a hotel (or a motel…especially the pay-by-the-hour ones) has to be weird. People always coming and going, a whole mix of folks thrown under one roof, all of whom will probably never be there again.

So you know hotel workers have some great stories. Just like these folks shared on AskReddit.

1. Party time

“Worked at a large hotel. Every year a group of old men rented the top two floors of the hotel for a few days. These were all retired judges, lawyers, business owners, ect. They would wear thousands of dollars of jewelry, bring in tons of liquor and other stuff. They would hire a bunch of prostitutes, put them in rooms and post a paper on the door with the description of the prostitute in each room.

Basically would have a huge party in every aspect. Would have to tell them to stay on their floors but would have old naked guys be spotted in the elevator or on other floors freaking out other guests. They were big tippers and made for an interesting weekend each year.”

2. Classy girls

“3 girls shared a room were wasted, next morning they were very quick to check out not even went for breakfast, turns out they took dumps all over the room… we blacklisted them and send their id’s to other hotels telling of what happen so they could be aware if they showed up. (at least we could take the money for the stay of the credit card they gave).”

3. Crazy monkeys

“Stayed in a resort where it was a series of clay huts that comprised the hotel – this was in Namibia. You booked a hut, chill and go about your life.

When I arrived I found the door to my hut with scratches on the outside and several bolts. A sign saying “do not open at night.” Strange.

I didn’t sleep that night as I could hear a child wailing outside in pain and scrabbling at the door. Once I heard the door trying to be wrenched open.

Next morning I spoke to the other guests who had had a similar experience. Turns out that it was monkeys that mimicked human sounds to make people open the door and attack them. Stranger than fiction.”

4. Revolting

“Poop mountain.

Apparently some bachelor parties/sports teams/psychopaths think it’s fun to stay in a room as a group for a weekend and continually poop into of the same, unflushed toilet for multiple days. Just poop on top of poop.

It turns out that putting poop immediately under water is a good way to keep the smell down. You can imagine how awful this is, then, in a small, windowless, non-ventilated room. Not sure why you would do this to yourselves or to anyone else, but we had multiple instances of this in the hotel I worked in when I was young.”

5. Dig ’em up

“Hotel reservations website – once got a call from a client who was staying in Thailand, asking to be relocated. When we asked why would he need that he told us the police was there because the property owner (it was a villa, not a Hotel) had murdered her husband and buried him under the villa. When he called us they were there with a excavator and a coroner’s crew.

On top of that the villa owner ran away with the client’s passports so they also required consular assistance.”

6. Soiled

“Worked in a crappy pub that offered crappy accommodation. A guest rightfully lost their stuff after they climbed into bed and found a soiled pair of men’s underwear. They fired the housekeeper after that.”

7. Drugs, man

“I used to work as a Quality Supervisor for a 5* hotel. Basically my job was to make sure that both the staff and the guests have no ongoing issues.

One morning, I was around the reception area, guests were leaving in masses. I asked a few of them about their stay, took positive and negative feedback. Suddenly, one of the receptionist girls wave me over. A guest couple was checking out, I think they were Irish, age around 24-26, completely normal couple. The receptionist girl pulled me over and said that one of the cleaning crew notified them to send me up to the couple’s room immediately. A bit puzzled, I go up to their room.

It was trashed. Like COMPLETELY trashed. Like if there were some blood splatters around, it could have seriously looked like a scene for a brutal murder case.

Among a hundred other things: Broken chair. Broken TV. Pillows and sheets all over the place. Curtains torn down. The bathtub was clogged with the bathrobes and the floor was completely drenched. The table seems like some sort of makeup and other unknown things were used to paint all over it. A pack of wet Asian noodles were slammed on the ceiling. A tampon inside a lamp. And so on.

Completely in shock, I went down to immediately talk to the couple. I questioned them, but they acted like they don’t know what I’m talking about. Called in the higher-ups, in the end, they were forced to pay a considerable amount of money for the damage they caused. The strangest thing was they were genuinely acting like they don’t know what happened at all, not just trying to lie or make up a ridiculous story.

After they paid (still acting like they did nothing wrong) and left, I went on to investigate the issue a bit more. I ran into some of the other guests from the floor they stayed in, and asked them if they saw or heard anything strange. As it turned out, the couple acted like they were on drugs the night before the accident. Like HEAVY drugs. They stood in the hallway for 30 minutes, just staring at the wall, for example. They left claw marks on the inside of the door, which I didn’t even notice at first. The staff did not get called because other people thought they were just moderately drunk tourists.

To this day, I do not know what drug they took, but that room left a permanent mental image in my head.”


“We had a girl staying for a week in our place. She would call my office phone a few times a say for our janitor kid to get her snacks from the vending machines and take her cash to pay for her room. Her reason was that she had very bad leg pain and it was hard to walk. Hospitality is our business so no one complained. When the kid went to the room she was always seated in a wheelchair with a blanket draped over her from the waist down. At the end of the week she called me crying that she couldn’t take the pain anymore would I call for an ambulance.

When the EMT arrived and pulled the blanket away they found out the awful truth. This young girl was a nursing student and had used her stolen instruments to cut off her leg mid thigh. She did it in the tub and washed the blood down the drain. She had gotten through the bone and had been working on the underside flesh. It goes without saying she had some kind of mental issues. She was admitted to the hospital where they worked to reattach her leg and then sent to the psych ward. When her family was notified, according to the nurses at the hospital, friends of mine, they did not come. I often think of this girl and wonder what became of her.”

9. The traveler

“We were a small pet friends hotel in a medium size NC town. There was a guest in town for a few months that was covering for someone at one of the local plants. This guy was traveling with his dog and generally seemed like a pretty alright guy, even if he was a recluse. This guy said we didn’t need to go into his room for housekeeping since his dog wasn’t the friendliest and he liked to do the cleaning himself. This isn’t really an abnormal request and we never had trouble with people doing that in the past, so we were happy enough to save our girls a room on the housekeeping boards.

After two months, the guy checks out and we go into the room for the first time in that span; what we found was a smorgasbord of disgusting. Opening the door we were assailed by the overpowering stench of dog urine, okay, that happens sometimes. This was obviously worse than we thought it would be!

Exploring the room further, we found that the mattress and chair were completely soaked through with dog urine and growing literal mushrooms and mold. The wood on the tables and dressers was split and peeling, beyond any kind of salvage. The bathroom had poop stains on the floor and in the tub, but the tub also had a temporary bed of blankets and pillows set up in it. This dude was literally coming back to his room every day and sleeping in that mess, the only thing he bothered to clean up was the dogs shit (mostly). This was for TWO MONTHS.

We had to completely strip the room and rehab it because it was so bad. This also prompted us to create a policy where we had to enter every room at least once a week, no exceptions.

It amazes me that guy slept in there and supposedly went to work each day. I don’t know how he managed to hold down a job if he lived like that.”

10. Trevor

“I was a night auditor 10 years ago in an airport hotel, we had a pilot staying in our hotel, his name was Trevor.

Trevor got drunk and locked himself out of the room just wearing a very tiny piece of underwear. He used the phone of the corridor to call us open his room.

Could happen right? This repeated itself for 3 times. So after the third time we told him that we would not run up to open his room anymore.

So after half an hour he came downstairs saying he locked himself out of the room again and that he would spend the night in the lobby.

After he fell asleep in the lobby we decided to carry him to his room and we literally put him in bed. This time he stayed there.

No idea why he would lock himself out all the time, no idea why he didn’t wear anymore clothing, i guess drunk. But hell he was annoying!”

11. Scary

“A guy shot himself in the hotel room and the maids found him. It was a chain hotel which sent their laundry to the hotel I worked for and days later we received the bed sheets from said room. Obviously covered in blood and my boss just said: “It is just blood, we won’t throw away sheets just because of a bit blood.” Little did she know that I threw them away behind her back.”

12. Disgusting

“When I was just out of high school I worked as a housekeeper at a decently upscale hotel.

The main policy regarding cleaning rooms was unless it was illegal activity just clean around it. Okay, fair. I had seen marijuana paraphernalia in hotel rooms and chosen to just ignore it. Guns laying around in their lock cases during a gun convention, fair enough.

But, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw on a night room turndown. Basically, you lightly freshen up the room, make the bed prepared to be used for the night and drop a chocolate on the pillow. When I moved the sheet down to make the tuck for turndown their was child porn pictures. I immediately spoke to the night manager who contacted the police.

I was allowed to anonymously make a report because the man was already on probation. He wasn’t allowed to even be staying at the hotel. He was from the area and utilized hotels to meet other pedophiles. Because it was probation they could be more flexible with warrants and such.

Still bothers me now.”

13. People are weird

“I’ve worked in a fair few of London’s most famous hotels as a gardener and have some weird stories about people there.

Barbra Streisand always made weird requests, for example she demanded a fresh roll of turf everyday be delivered to her room so her dog could pee/poop on it.

i also found a huge log of shit inside an interior palm too, it was literally tucked into the crown of the plant like a vigilant guard. no idea why someone would feel the need to do that but hey people are weird.”

14. Orgy

“Bunch of guys in suits in their 40s and 50s (about 5 of them) brought over a bunch of prostitutes, they weren’t dressed like they were prostitutes but they were recognized as prostitutes. We know what’s gonna happen so I and another co-worker go and wait for the call from them.

Half an hour later, we get a call from them and we go to their room, one of our bigger and more expensive ones, one of the oldies is on the floor naked and passed out. This always happens with these guys, they eat and drink a lot and want to bang some hot chicks and so they get together to have their orgies.

In reality, their age and health and all that crap they just put in their bodies and the excitement gets their heart pumping a little bit too much. We once had a guy in his 50s be taken to the hospital because he was ejaculating blood and having a heart attack, the girl he hired was not happy with no getting paid.”

15. Creep

“I was running room service up to a room one evening. They’d placed the order half an hour before and knew the wait time so normally people were half ready for the knock at the door.

Got to this woman’s room and all I can hear is giggling and whispering. Eventually she opens the door a crack and I tell her that her food’s arrived. She shut the door again and more giggling, then opens it slightly wider. I tell her I need to come in to put the tray down and for her to sign for the food and same again, giggling, door closed, she then opens it wearing a towel.

Get in the room, she signs and that’s when I see it. A naked man in a chair in the corner, casually covering a very erect penis with a single page from a news paper. Like this guy had over 2 minutes to change / hide / cover up and instead just opted for the front page of The Times.”