Hipster Barbie Is the Perfect Instagram Troll



Hipsters have seemingly taken over the Internet with their never-ending photos of food, fancy cocktails, and their deeeeeeep thoughts on every aspect of life.

That’s why Hipster Barbie is so brilliant. The account mocks hipster-dom in all ways and, honestly, we need this. Take a look at the adventures of this kale-eating, gluten-free hero for the 21st century.

1. No, you can’t

2. Truly blessed

3. Okay…

4. Definitely didn’t happen

5. Make sure to take a pic

6. Look at that art

7. I know it inspired me

8. Roughing it

9. Huh?

10. All that stuff

11. Beautiful lyfe

12. Perfection

13. Be sure to comment

14. Very humble

15. One with nature

Are these posts on point, or what?