What a strange time we’re living in right now. I never would have imagined in January that this is what 2020 would have turned out to be like.

A worldwide health crisis that shut down the economy and forces people to stay away from each other? Get out of here!

But here we are…

At least there are some positive things coming out of this awful situation. Like new additions on the way! I guess it’s pretty obvious that these folks HAVE NOT been social distancing. Hey o!

Let’s take a look at their funny quarantine pregnancy announcements.

1. The one where we were quarantined…

A little Friends reference for good measure.

2. You didn’t stay 6 feet away!

And look what happened!

3. Good things coming out of the lockdown!

A new addition on the way.

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??❣WE HAVE A TRAVELICIOUS SURPRISE ?❣? #babynews . ?We're so superrrrr happy and exited to announce that at least one good thing came from this corona quarantine/ temporary world trip pause; . ➡️ We're EXPECTING our 3rd travelicious BABY? (during our world trip) in January 2021! ⬅️ . We feel so blessed ? that this little travelicious adventurer is becoming to be part of our full-time travel family adventure! . We're feeling so lucky that we can give all our time, attention and love ? to this little baby? during our travels around the world?. If everyting goes by plan, the first country to explore in "real life" with this mini travelicious baby will be ?? Australia ?! . Untill that time we keep on travelling?⛴?, exploring and making memories for the rest of our lives as family of 5 ?‍?‍?‍?+? (because our baby brother/ sister in mums belly is already travelling with now ?). So excually, the trip we're making to Iceland?? at the moment, is our first family of 5 adventure! ? How cool is that?! ? #yay . . . . #babynews #babyannouncement #baby #soblessed #sohappy #weareexpecting #newbaby #ontheway #newfamilymember #traveliciousbaby #worldtrip #pregnancyannouncement #pregnanttraveler #preggotravels #announcement #babyannouncement #blessed #coronababy #pandemicbaby #covidbaby #covid19pause #worldtrippause #quarantinebaby #newadventurer #baby3 #zwanger #zwangerschapsaankondiging #zwangeropreis #familyof5 #happytravellers

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4. They look like they’re having a great time.

Mom…not so much…

5. You have all the essentials ready.

Hopefully, by December you won’t need all that stuff.

6. Here’s a plot twist.

It’s the last one, we swear!

7. We weren’t bored at all!

In fact, they were pretty busy.

8. Straight outta quarantine.

Here’s a new one for ya!

9. Social distancing from the womb.

That’s one way to stay safe.

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Life is full of surprises… #BabyLeal #CoronaBaby

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10. Baking more than cookies…

Something’s cooking in the oven!

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I’ve been baking more than cookies lately❤️ . . Some may have noticed I kind of have been quiet on here… honestly the first trimester was beyond difficult and I have been nauseous CONSTANTLY (and royal icing was the only thing that made it worse!) ? I am finally feeling myself again! . It has been killing me keeping this a secret from most. Because honestly the journey Keithan and I have been through has been tough. For two years we have tried for baby #2. Between both of us on fertility medicine, doctors telling us it was not possible, and countless negative pregnancy tests, we just did not think it was possible. December 2019, I accepted Raegan would be our only child. She is perfect in every way possible and I didn’t want my lack of conceiving to get in the way of my happiness of what we already had. . . As most of you know, we built a house and moved in January 2020. We spent a few months settling in and working on a lot of home projects and “trying” was far from on our mind. By mid March, Keithan says to me, “hey, when should we start trying again?” As to which I replied, “let’s wait after March, because I don’t want another December baby.” And surprise! I found out I was pregnant a few weeks later… WITH THE SAME DUE DATE AS RAEGAN! . . We are beyond ecstatic and overwhelmed with so much joy and happiness. We feel so blessed ❤️

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11. Oh, well, you tried.

And now you’ll be rewarded!

12. All wrapped up in a nice package.

How exciting!

13. More protection was needed!

But we call that a blessing!

How have you been spending your time during the quarantine?

In the comments, give us a life update.

We look forward to hearing from you! And we hope all of you are doing well and staying safe!