Hilarious Posts to Pull You Out of Your Pit of Depression!

(C)Unsplash,Jenny Marvin


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had just about enough of not being able to do ANYTHING.

I’m bored, I’m irritable, and I’m looking for a little positivity in my life.

Wait a second! I got it!

Funny posts from social media! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Why didn’t I think of this earlier…I’m such an IDIOT!

Well, enough of my complaining, let’s take a look at some funny posts that we think will make you laugh your butt off.

Let’s do it!

1. I object to this statement!

I kind of like Florida…but it’s a long story.

2. They really are savages.

I’m not a fan! Sad!


I think beach music should be outlawed.

4. Ouch. Not a baseball fan…

I’m not sure what I’d pick…

5. Just so we’re clear…

She’s not messing around.

6. You see it all the time.

And also, this pic is amazing!

7. Boom! I love this!

I wish every city’s officials would say this.

8. Someone just GO!

Might be there for hours…

9. You must be a big shot.

I know a whole lot of people like this.

10. Nerd alert!

LOTR fans are not messing around.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

11. Think about that for a minute…

I think you’re better off with the app.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

12. Mine is, too.

Getting old sucks!

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

13. Fake it until you make it.

He looks a little bit out of place.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

Now it’s your turn to make us laugh!

In the comments, share something you’ve seen lately that really tickled your funny bone.

Memes, tweets, jokes, photos, anything that’s really funny.

Please and thank you!