There’s a really funny meme making the rounds lately called “The Poster vs. The Plot.” It consists of two side-by-side photos, one a real movie poster and the other a photo representing what the plot is really all about…or at least what the person who made the meme thinks of the movie.

Needless to say, these memes are pretty hilarious and, if you don’t feel like actually reading movie reviews, it might be a good way to save yourself a little bit of time.

Let’s see what these armchair film critics have to say, shall we?

1. Remember this one?

A lot going on in this movie…

2. Hahahaha. Pretty good.

Did you happen to see Her?

3. Doesn’t look like it turned out to be a lot of fun…

I wonder where it all went wrong…

4. Into the meat grinder you go…

Is the hype around this movie ever going to die?

5. Why is everyone so obsessed with the sweater in this movie?

We live in a strange, strange world…

6. The King of the World!

Is this really what happens? I’ve never seen it…

7. Baby Yoda is all the rage.

And no one remembers anything else about The Mandalorian

8. If they would’ve just left his dog alone…

A lot of folks would still be alive.

9. It looks like you actually ARE okay with this.

Would that be fair to say?

10. Apparently, this person was not a fan.

Right into the garbage can you go.

11. It’s time for revenge.

And Liam Neeson won’t stop until he gets it. Wait, what?

12. AKA, The Sleeping Movie.

A LOT of sleeping going on in this one.

13. That bad, huh?

I heard this movie was…less than stellar.

I haven’t seen all of those movies, but I will say that this meme is very entertaining and maybe gives me an idea of some flicks to stay away from.

How about you?

Have you seen any of these memes that you thought were especially funny or accurate?

Share them with us in the comments, please!